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The Gyrosolé™ solar power system technology consists of a new form of solar collector, a heat engine, and a thermal energy storage device (“thermal battery”). These components are intended to function together to create what promises to be a more efficient and economical method for the collection of energy from sunlight and its conversion into electricity and heat, in a free standing unit that would function as a small scale, stand alone, Solar Thermal Power Plant (the “Solar Power Plant”). 

The inventions and applications derive in part from an ingenious combination of well established technologies, and thus present relatively moderate development risk. They capitalize on successful CSP technology already in use in various power plants worldwide, where the solar thermal approach to energy conversion has been explored and validated.  The Company’s offering fits within the US Department of Energy's (DOE) Solar Energy Technologies Program (SETP)

Various elements of the technology are applicable to either terrestrial systems or aerospace vehicles, the latter involving generally more expensive and higher performance components to meet the severe weight constraints, the former generally aimed at minimum “levelized energy cost”.